Concrete Services


Ready mixed concrete

  • Any mix you require, Supplied direct and mixed on site
  • Lean mixes for cavity fill and kerb mix
  • Structural mixes for foundations, floor slabs and lift shafts etc.
  • Concrete barrowed in to site

Our concrete is supplied and batched in our ‘Volumetric Mixer Trucks’.

concrete pour

These specialist trucks make the concrete on site so the concrete is always fresh.

The concrete is mixed by our trained and certified operatives who are able to make the exact mix of concrete you require for your job.

The concrete produced is digitally metered and we will only mix the exact amount of concrete you require meaning no waste and you only pay for what you use.


For Expert Advice Call

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We have vast experience in all aspects of groundworks and can not only supply your concrete but also do all the preparation works.

Works include:

  • Excavation
  • Skip Hire
  • Supply and lay concrete bases, foundations etc.


Specialists in:


Garage Bases

Concrete Floors

Stable Bases

Shed Bases


Concrete Pumping

When you need to get concrete to a difficult to reach area, we can organise a Line pump or a boom pump for your job.  A line pump uses a ‘hose’ that runs along the ground is suited for pumping applications on domestic sites such as house extensions. A boom pump has a large hydraulic boom which allows it to ‘reach over’ obstacles and place concrete. This is more suited to larger sites.

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